Week Two: Defining Digital History

In class: September 4


  • Cohen & Rosenzweig, Digital History, Introduction, Chap 1
  • Toni Weller, History in the Digital Age, Introduction
  • Daniel J. Cohen, Michael Frisch, Patrick Gallagher, Steven Mintz, Kirsten Sword, Amy Murrell Taylor, William G. Thomas, III, William J. Turkel, “The Promise of Digital History,” Journal of American History 95:2 2008.


Read, “Going Digital” by William Turkel.  Try out some of the tools mentioned in the article.

Download and install Zotero. Start creating a library. Search for groups and/or people with common interests.

Blog post:  How does the medium (the World Wide Web) change the practice of doing history? Is Digital History qualitatively different from History? Explain.


2 responses

  1. […] “real” history? to put it in other words (words which are not my own, but come from this site)”is digital history qualitatively different from History”? Yes, it is real history, no […]

  2. I would consider Digital History a subset of History – such as Oral History, Visual History, Written History. Digital History is used for the same purpose, that is – to document History. There is a visual history of the WTC collapsing. There is a written history of the walls of Jericho coming down. The qualitative depictions are different, the historical depiction – large structures collapsed. Both events are now in past tense.

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