Week Three: Public Historians and Shared Authority

In class, September 11


  • Roundtable: “‘’The Ideal of Objectivity” and the Profession of History,” Otis L. Graham, Jr., Richard G. Hewlett, David Glassberg, Rebecca Conard and Sam Bass Warner, Jr. The Public Historian 13/2 (Spring, 1991): 9-23. [e-journal available through Burritt library website]


Examine two of the case studies listed below:

Blog post: Write a comparative website review of two sites.


One response

  1. For the purpose of this course, and beyond, Connecticut History is a site that should grown and prefer an excellent base from which to begin a research project. It is focused on Connecticut so that is a limitation. The History News Network has a much broader base for reporting historical news items, many current stories, but also links to other history pages. Connecticut History seems to be designed for historians while the History News Network is designed to appeal to a broader public audience.

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