Week Four: The Collaborative Web

In class, September 18


Optional: read historian Timothy Messer-Kreuse’s account of his battle with Wikipedia, “The ‘Undue Weight of Truth’ on Wikipedia


  • Watch video: Heavy Metal Umlaut
  • Examine Flickr commons
  • Blog post: analyze three related Wikipedia pages — what historical debates are raised in their “talk” sections?

2 responses

  1. Three related topics – Revolutions French, Russian, Haitian
    The French Revolution: two issues arise, spelling of names and the influence of the French Revolution. As an example, there is a criticism of the French Revolution’s influence with one author claiming that the Revolution was a localized event. The Russian Revolution raises the conflict between Stalin & Lenin with Lenin arguing that the success of The Revolution would depend on its spread to other nations. Stalin disagreed, as have critiques of the events. The Haitian Revolution was a response to the French Revolution (a conflict with an argument above, about the revolution in France). An argument around this event concerns whether slaves can become free and then rule.

  2. Wikipedia itself can serve as a base for developing a research topic. With any historical research, relying on a single source is usually not an effective process.

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