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  1. These are some comments concerning the digital media forum that we attended on Wednesday, November 13. The forum was interesting from the perspective of the attendees and presenters. There appeared to be more people from the CCSU journalism program than from any other representation. I am assuming that they were they people with the tripods and the little cameras. The substance of the presentation was presented in detail by the representative of the university’s public relation department. I had a concern with the use of Twitter as a means of dispersing information. First, the information is provided without any connection to a legitimate source. So, bad information and false information are broadcast with ‘good’ information. Second, some of the information raised unnecessary fears within the university community. Third, the university’s public relations staff, rather than calming the situation, heighten concerns. The underlying premise from that representative was the she didn’t know what was going on. Rather than shutting down the Tweets she added to the confusion by running back and forth between people. A lesson that should have been learned by our unfortunate experiences with large tragic situations is that instant information is usually totally wrong or grievously incomplete. Having the ability to use digital media does not mean that digital media produces accurate information. The case at CCSU clearly indicates this premise. The original information was inaccurate and in some cases inflammatory. Twitter became the chosen culprit to transmit bad data.

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