Presentation on Data Mining

These are the slides from Dr. Bilisoly’s HIST 511 DIgital History Talk 11-06-2013.pptx on Data Mining Middle English.


2 responses

  1. Dr. Bilisoly’s presentation raised the process of data mining to another level for me. About 4 years ago I read a book about the making of the King James Bible (God’s Secretaries). Between 1604 when the project began and its publication in 1611, 6 teams of 50 scholars produced this version of the Bible. Each Team or Company was assigned a set of biblical books. The goal was to write a Bible that was reflective of the best use of the English language. Arguably that task was accomplished. Not only were the 50 translators noted scholars, translating Greek, Latin, & Aramaic, some of them were warriors, bishops, priests, and teachers. I have always wondered if there were differences, or variability, in the process of translation and production among the six teams. The teams also utilized other translations of bibles for their reference or source material. For several translators, their personal writings have produced material that has come down to the present. With 50 translators, is it possible for some writers to remain anonymous? I think not! Dr. Bilisoly’s process of data mining could be a means of proving this this thesis. Pax Vobiscum! Roy

  2. That’s interesting, It makes sense that some of the translators were scholars, bishops and priests, but the fact that some of them were warriors is surprising and interesting.

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