Internet Archive Saves the Day: How to access government websites during shutdown

f you need to access government websites during the shutdown, go here and click on the logo for the site you want.  Another reason to love the Internet Archive!


2 responses

  1. Interesting list of sites they have. Some of those sites I never even heard of, like or I did previously here that the gov’t shutdown was causing some gov’t sites to shutdown, though I checked and it looks like,, and are all up and running though the white house site displays a big notice about the shutdown when you first view the site. The House website includes a schedule of the House hearings today. The topics that seem interesting to me are “How Autonomous Vehicles Will Shape the Future of Surface Transportation” (that hearing was at 10:00 in the morning) and “From al-Shabaab to al-Nusra: How Westerners Joining Terror Groups Overseas Affect the Homeland” (At 2:00 pm).

    Getting back to the list of the sites mentioned on the internet archive site, I checked those sites and most were down, though the Library of Congress site and National Service site were still running. Perhaps those two sites were down when Internet Archives originally posted, but have since come back up.

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